Several new Google+ features have popped up, and many of them users are raving about.

Over 40 new features and improvements have been introduced in the last 30 days or so. A few of the most notable ones are below.


While many people use hashtags on other forms of social media other than Twitter, they haven’t really made a difference – until now. G+ has introduced their own version of hashtagging, and now you can click on a hashtag that’s on your feed to see related content.

More Columns

This feature has been introduced by Google to increase sharing, and it’s actually working. Multiple columns allow you to see more on your feed at one time, including status updates, photos, and your groups’ posts for the day. This new feature also makes it easy to scroll through a day or two of information, so you never miss anything important.

High Quality Photo Upload

While Facebook and other photo uploaders require that you sacrifice the quality of your photos, G+ has decided that that should be a thing of the past. Google says you can upload photos of “tablet resolution”, or 2048 px, for free. If you want to upload larger photos, no problem – you’ll just have to use a portion of your free fifteen gigs on Google Drive. There are also new photo editing and resizing tools.

Along with auto backup, auto highlights, and “auto awesome,” which merges several photos to make the best possible single photo, G+ is really beginning to step up their game and compete with other popular social media websites. While it took a few years, patience is a virtue, and it’s obvious Google knows that.

 image credit: Google

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